For the academic year 2015-2016 the Department of Law of the University of Milan has organized the second edition of the Postgraduate Fashion Law course, coordinated by Prof. Antonio Gambaro and Prof. Barbara Pozzo. A 60 hours course that will start on March 7th 2016 and will last till June 27th 2016. This course concerns the fashion industry in the particular perspective of its legal framework with regard to the various sectors that make up its supply chain: contracts, intellectual property, protection from counterfeiting, Made in Italy , corporate transactions and IPOs, opening stores, customs related regulations, advertising, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

The course is aimed at attorneys and graduates in law or economy who wish to develop their professional career in the fashion industry and at those who already work in the field of fashion, but who do not have adequate training to cope with the intense legal issues with which companies are faced with.

For any information please contact:

Segreteria Didattica dei corsi post-laurea di Giurisprudenza
Via Festa del Perdono, 7 – 20122 Milano
Tel. 02-5031.2087/2694/2473 Fax 02-5031.2475

Download the flyer of the course:
Fashion Law Course